How to Find UK Citation Sites

I was having a look through some old lists of UK Citation Sites last night

Years ago they would have just been called directory lists or link building opportunities but as Google put the fear of God in to webmasters and SEOs about link building and bad directories it’s now called Citation building, make of that what you want.

The main difference really with Citation building and Directory Submitting is the fact Citation building isn’t really about link manipulation it’s about establishing trust that you are in the location where you say you are.

Off course, very few people who want a Citation would turn down a link but that’s another matter 🙂

Anyway, back to my looking around for UK Citation Sites, I found citation sites but I also found an awful lot of lists of UK Citation sites and rather than creating yet another list of UK citation sites I decided instead to create a list of lists of UK Citation sites (you never know, one day there may be a list of lists of lists of citation sites)

You can find the list here – List of UK Citation Sites

Please somebody shoot me if I do ever create a list of lists of lists 🙂

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