Citations Building Services

Citations Booster provide a citations building service for small UK businesses.

What are Local Citations?

Think of local citations as business location references.

Some people believe that when your business has consistent and accurate references online it can help establish trust.

People are more inclined to trust a small business if they know where the local business is located and how they can be contacted.

Some people also believe that Search Engines like to see businesses with accurate and consistent NAP information (Name Address Phone) and that this can help establish authority.

How The Citations Booster Citations Building Services Works

Citations Booster is a TJS Marketing Ltd service – TJS Marketing have been providing SEO Services and Directory Services since 2002.

The notion of using directories for link building may be seen as a little out of favour at the moment but having a good, consistent presence on trusted directories is still considered a must if trying to improve your citations trust, especially when combined with Google My Business or Google Maps listings.

Citations Booster Citations Building Services can administer your listings in several UK based directory sites