Improve Your Local Citations With Citations Booster

Citations Booster is the new Business Listings service provided by TJS Marketing to help local businesses improve their local citations.

What are Local Citations?

Think of local citations as business location references.

Some people believe that when your business has consistent and accurate references online it can help establish trust.

People are more inclined to trust a small business if they know where the local business is located and how they can be contacted.

Some people also believe that Search Engines like to see businesses with accurate and consistent NAP information (Name Address Phone) and that this can help establish authority.

Improve your Local Citations, Gain Trust and Establish Authority

Special Sections for Wedding Services and Tradesmen

Citations Booster has over 1000 business categories, we are in the process of grouping the related categories together and creating new sections such as;

More will soon follow.

Certain categories within these main sections will also be styled differently as seen in our Wedding Photographers Directory

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